“Tall and lean. Eloquent, brilliant, harsh, opinionated, hugely compassionate.”

And that’s just the beginning of the most moving obituary (Nov. 16) I’ve ever read!

It’s a compilation, perhaps, of some of the things friends and family may have said about Doug “Digs” McLaughlin at one time or another. And it’s a fantastic tribute to the complexity of this human being.

The result, for me, in any case, is that I wish I’d known him. He wanted to “fight every wrong”; was “offended at a cellular level by stupidity (and) ignorance”; “analyzed … the world in all its horrible, fascinating, beauteous glory”; had both self-doubt and confidence … and “the man could dance”!

To whoever composed this wonderful tribute to “Digs,” thank you. What a model and inspiration it is, and he is, for the rest of us, both his zest for life and your appreciation of it!

You end it “In lieu of flowers send love, love, love.”

Wonderful. Gladly doing just that!

And thank you for this beautifully written and heartfelt tribute.

Grace Hinrichs