I was delighted to read the timely letter by Richard Cohen of Raymond that was published Nov. 9. His letter (“Spectrum dodges questions on outages, service restoration”) prompts me to expand on his concerns.

Your readers may have experienced the same initial delight and high anticipation that I felt upon learning of the recent acquisition of our long-established cable provider (Time Warner) by a new and, apparently, well-financed cable company for our area. Promises of enlightened programming, reasonable channel selectivity, high-tech advances and increased cyber capabilities would soon appear to justify the present high cost to their customers.

Alas, it is to my chagrin and disappointment that, so far, our new cable provider (Spectrum) has provided a diminishing quality of programming exceeded only by an intrusive and daunting excess of commercial ads and slick, self-serving promotion.

Hope springs eternal, however, as recent media reports of newly emerging advances in HDTV technology and innovation may soon deliver the needed competition to induce a higher plane of programming and advertising commensurate with cost and respect for the intellect for the consumer.

I am not professionally connected with any cable or TV industry.

Walter Anderson

North Yarmouth