FALMOUTH — The Town Council has asked the Planning Department to draft ordinance amendments that would essentially equalize the density bonus allowances for residential development.

In addition, during a business meeting Monday, the council approved conditional rezoning that will allow a new cellular communications tower to be built off Falmouth Road.

The density bonus change “would likely remove much of the current market bias toward two-family and multifamily development,” Ethan Croce, the town’s community development director, told councilors at a Dec. 11 workshop.

Croce said this would be a relatively easy fix, which was a council goal when it passed a moratorium earlier this fall that placed a temporary ban on two-family and multifamily projects in the town’s new growth areas.

Making the changes will still require the normal ordinance adoption process, however, which includes public hearings at both the council and planning board level.

The 110-foot cell tower will be located on a nearly 83-acre, undeveloped site at 175 Falmouth Road. It required conditional rezoning because a tower is not among the permitted uses in the town’s farm and forest zone.

The tower, which will not be lit, is needed for adequate voice and data transmissions along one of the town’s major transportation corridors, Verizon Wireless said in its application. The tower will be designed as either a monopole or a pine monopole.

The council also set several conditions for the construction of the cell tower.

One of the conditions is that only one access road be built. That road also must be “located in such a manner as to meet the minimum sight distance requirements” as set forth under a state law governing highway driveway rules, according to the Council order.

The second condition is that the property owner permanently conserve a large part of the parcel for public use and include a vegetative buffer no less than 50 feet in width around the entire perimeter of the property.