“Think LOCAL” and “Portland Buy Local” sound much the same – but they are not!

Think LOCAL is open to all, dedicated to helping individuals and small businesses grow through effective networking and relationship-building while supporting local nonprofits.

Portland Buy Local is a campaign of the independent businesses in Portland.

What is the difference?

Think LOCAL is built on the concept of supporting all local small businesses and nonprofits throughout Maine, encouraging the success of local capital investment, local jobs and locally owned and operated resources.

Portland Buy Local is a group of independent businesses that believe that those who operate on a purely independent basis take a special pride in their trade.

It is important for Portland-area consumers to understand that many franchises in Maine are locally owned and operated. When a local small-business person purchases a franchise, they are buying a template for success. Franchise owners are supported by the knowledge base, product standards, operational methodologies and proven results of the turnkey business practice that we have purchased. Our success is the product and service reliability provided to our clients, the consumers in our local community.

As an owner of a local real estate franchise, I submit that there is nothing more local than a Realtor! Your Realtors are your neighbors, school board members and voters.

Consumers need to know that their local franchises are owned and operated by local small-business practitioners who’ve invested in a franchise to provide a reliable product or service to their community. Reinvention of the wheel each day does not necessarily result in a better product, better pricing or a consumer advantage.

Please Think LOCAL as you go about your holiday shopping!

Rachel Reed