How pertinent that, on the day before the 76th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Republicans voted to plunge forward on a final tax bill that will hurt most Mainers, and House Speaker Paul Ryan publicly announced a full-scale attack on Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and all other so-called entitlements to pay down the projected deficit that they created!

Just this summer, Sen. Susan Collins, along with her colleagues Lisa Murkowski and John McCain, stymied the entire Senate by voting “no” on Affordable Care Act destruction. Courage and righteousness pushed aside partisan politics and poor legislation, but then Collins retreated and is abandoning her own constituents.

Sen. Angus King must return to Maine and use all available media to speak out against Susan Collins’ expected “yes” vote on a terrible tax bill. He must challenge her to immediate public debate. He has the respect and reputation of Mainers. If he effectively explains the pending tax legislation, just maybe, Susan Collins will rediscover her courage and good judgment and lead moderate Republicans to reject poor ideas and reopen the door to negotiating a bipartisan tax bill that requires 60 votes to pass.

Collins must demonstrate her love of Maine now with appropriate actions, and Angus King must show his by speaking out now before it’s too late!

Judy Storer