As one of the few Mainers who will benefit from her vote in favor of the new tax bill, which includes repeal of mandatory health care, I wish to heartily thank Sen. Susan Collins.

I am one of the 10 percent who have concrete investments in the stock market ($969,000 on average, according to the Federal Reserve), and thus am benefiting from huge corporate tax cuts. Who really cares that the next 40 percent of Americans only average $132,000 in stocks, or that half of the population owns less than $54,000? No skin off our noses, right?

I understand that the boom in the stock market originated with the rolling back of regulations protecting against that mythical global warming, but even if climate change does turn out to be true (scientists – who needs them?), I am over 50 and should not have to deal with the worst of the catastrophic effects that will plague us.

I do not qualify for a subsidy under the Affordable Care Act, but lucky for me, I still purchased coverage, as this year I got myself two new hips that cost almost $100,000. I am glad that I wasn’t too poor to cover myself, or I sure would be in a mess. I understand that Sen. Collins’ job provides her with very good insurance. So, again, no skin off our noses, Sen. Collins.

At least she’s received a promise from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that Medicare won’t be cut, and his being the straight shooter that he is, that deal is as good as gold. I feel confident that the trillions of dollars added to the debt won’t adversely affect our nation until after my death.

I most certainly will not vote against Sen. Collins next year … unless anybody else runs.

Thank you, Sen. Collins.

Matt Cost