If Congress and the Trump administration honestly wanted to change tax laws to spur the economy, create jobs and positively affect Americans at all income levels, why did they not just propose that? They could have made stipulations:

n That corporations/businesses qualify for the reduced rate from 35 percent by proving that they actually increase production/output, add new hires, make internal physical improvements or provide increases in benefits or wages for their employees.

n That they be restricted from using the tax reductions to pay back investors, buy back shares by the business or those connected to it or who hold resultant capital assets.

n That corporations not use the taxpayers’ contributions to pay back lawmakers with gifts or political contributions by businesses or connected individuals.

n That businesses that went abroad or moved assets and operations should be made to pay to return at the present corporate rate before they can operate and share the new rate.

As for dismantling the Dodd-Frank rules, ask the financial institutions how much their share prices have increased since Dodd-Frank was enacted. The costs for complying and reporting are write-offs anyway.

Loretta M. Turner