This Christmas I wish everyone is able to sit down at a table to the meal of their liking, whether it be an elaborate turkey dinner with all the fixings or something more simple like a turkey sandwich. I wish we can all find good health and along with that a hobby or activity that helps make life interesting. 

I wish that my iPhone autocorrect gets a little smarter. I wish all of us who use Facebook put down our electronic devices once in a while and spend some “real time” with our friends. 

And lastly, I wish we all take a moment now and then to thank those special people in our lives that help make our days brighter, whether it be the spouse that always sets the coffee maker, the snowplow driver who despite working long hours always gives a cheerful wave, the pizza delivery guy who notices when you get a new fence or that old friend who you always feel right at home with, no matter how much time has passed since you last saw them.  — Liz Gotthelf

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