Gov. LePage is the one and only Atlantic coast governor who supports offshore drilling and offshore oil wells. You can’t really count the governor of Florida, Rick Scott, because Florida was taken off the list of opened waters by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on Tuesday.

Why Florida and not Maine? Mar-a-Largo is not in Maine, of course. Can’t spoil the view of President Trump. It is simply our bad luck that Gov. Le-Page doesn’t have a beach house with a view, or Maine might be exempt, too. Are Trump Resorts in any other states? Maybe they have a shot at exemption. And besides, Florida’s economy is dependent on tourism and fishing. Gov. LePage, hello?

Imagine a country with a ruler who curries favor with a small group of wealthy industrialists or special interests by creating laws, or exemptions to laws, without regard to consequences. Can you think of a country that does that for their ruling class? I wonder who they would support as leader of our country.

So, to paraphrase “let them eat cake,” let them move to Florida.

Mic Harris