Recently, several news commentators – on channels that I generally trust – stated that the president said some things that (if he did say them) were clearly racist. He talked about not wanting to admit immigrants from Africa or Haiti.

Now, this particular president was sued by the federal government for race-based discrimination in his real estate dealings back in the 1970s. Plus, he has a well-documented history of saying whatever pops into his head, and he has used harsh language in the past to denigrate blacks and Latinos. The papers were filled with quotes of his racist words.

A few days later, when the damage was beginning to look pretty bad, a couple of Republican senators – who were at the meeting where the so-called racist language was used and who had already said they didn’t recall the president using those words – all of a sudden denied that he used the words.

So, the question now is this: Did the president of the United States, in his official capacity, during a government meeting, working on our time, on our dime, use that language or not? And did two Republican senators lie for the president? And why? Or did they tell the truth? And, are the Democrats lying about the president and why? Or did the Democrats tell the truth? Who is lying? Why are they lying? And why is it important and/or necessary to lie?

I’m not savvy enough to know the answers, but I think the questions are worth asking.

I just hope everyone comes out to vote later this year on Nov. 6. No lie.

Chris Queally