Let me see if I’ve got this straight: Thomas Kawczynski, former town manager of Jackman and “steward for New Albion,” believes in halting all immigration and is opposed to “diversity as a concept.”

Hmmm. Exactly where do Mr. Kawczynski’s ancestors hail from? And how exactly is it that Mr. Kawczynski now enjoys all the benefits of the American way of life, including the freedom to express his distasteful and myopic views?

Perhaps his forebears sought a richer way of life in America, the land of opportunity. Or worse yet, they may have fled the horrors of the Holocaust. Either way, they left their homeland to seek a better future for themselves and their children. I’m not sure why the door to America should shut simply because the Kawczynskis made it here. Mr. Kawczynski seems to be of the belief that this is “his” country now.

Interestingly, if it were not for immigration, Mr. Kawczynski might very well have grown up in a family that suffered economic hardship or religious persecution in a country far less free and accepting of the very diversity he so disdains.

Sarah Sweet


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