It’s time, in the town of Wells, for a new round of planning for Wells’ future, something Maine towns do every 10 years called the comprehensive plan.

It may not be going smoothly.

What is it? It’s the chance for the citizens of a town to express their opinions on what they like and don’t like in town and what they’d like for their future.

In 2016, Wells people expressed their opinion in a written survey about what they want and don’t want to see happen: 2,679 responded. The town’s plan is supposed to reflect the people’s ideas. Our old plan in 2005 did a good job of involving the citizens, was mostly written by citizens and was clearly written.

Now citizens working on the updated comprehensive plan are seriously objecting to what is being presented to go before the voters this year.

It was reported at a selectmen’s meeting that things the majority of citizens wanted or complained about in the town survey are mostly being ignored. Another problem seems to be that it’s hard to access the new plan and read to find out what is or is not included.

A comprehensive plan is not a new law, but the legal basis for the kind of changes possible for the next 10 years; it affects the looks of the town, the growth that will happen and definitely pushes the tax rate with any rapid increase of services.

Jean Foss