What a brilliant idea: Arm teachers to counter military-style assaults on schools!

Who would have guessed that such creative policy could emerge from the bowels of the White House, with its usual pathological lies and narcissism?

It’s clear from the recent Florida tragedy that law enforcement officers aren’t up to the challenge, so why not give it over to teacher? In fact, why doesn’t the government issue everyone a gun and do away with police departments altogether?

No doubt the Trump family is ready to give up Secret Service protection and just pack pistols. We could save billions.

And, while we’re at it, let’s issue everyone a fire hose and eliminate the need for fire departments. We could do away with motor vehicle departments and let everyone issue themselves a driver’s license – at any age.

Shouldn’t a license be as easy to get as an assault weapon?

And let’s give everyone a first aid kit and do away with hospitals, physicians and nurses. It’s all so simple; why haven’t we thought of it before?

Oops – maybe Band-Aids aren’t enough for massive wounds. And, what we have in the country is a major cultural wound; some would say disease. A Band-Aid approach is not the cure. Only radical surgery will do!

We should take our lead from the outraged student victims and realize that true moral leadership is needed. Isn’t it time for the nation to raise up some adults to accompany the students in the demand for moral and sensible change?

Rev. Dr. W.J. Mills


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