The outrage that I feel about the actions of Donald Trump, in America’s name, cannot be overstated.

His administration’s firing of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is so incredibly revealing of his own guilt in and thus fear of the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller. He is so paranoid of anyone who opposes him that he can only read “enemies at every turn” and is knee-jerk in his reactions, smearing the reputation of McCabe, a 21-year veteran of the FBI, who served his country with honor and dignity and without question.

Never savvy, never civil, never the “genius” that he says he is, he will be revealed.

I am dismayed at the level of destruction that he has created already to our institutions, without creating a healthy alternative, which he seems incapable of doing. He will go down, but not before he has done serious irrevocable harm to our country and our standing in the world.

It is time to demand his impeachment. I fear that the reason he has not already been impeached says more about Congress and the infiltration of dark money than it says about the legitimacy of his presidency.

I remember the Bill Clinton scandal with Monica Lewinsky and how Ken Starr, frustrated in efforts to carry out a true witch hunt, could not bring down the then-president with Whitewater, and how easily Clinton was impeached. The lies Mr. Trump tells are so much more pathological and damaging. When do we say “enough is enough – not my president”?

Margaret Shirer

South Portland

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