Customers are complaining about high electric bills – I wonder why I don’t see similar complaints against Spectrum.

I am a Time Warner customer, grandfathered into the Spectrum family because of their merger. Under Time Warner, I had a promotional rate that immediately increased with Spectrum. My current bill, which was $156, increased to $178 with the explanation that the promotion is ending but because I am a “valued customer” they’ve “automatically extended a new preferred rate” – which is approximately 15 percent higher (and that is the bundled rate!).

No amount of discussion could change that. I offered to give up channels and/or features. One representative said my bill would be higher at $192; the other said it would decrease by $7. I could give up service for a month and come back as a new customer and my bill would then be $114.

Or I could switch to Dish, then come back; Spectrum would pay off the contract fee. Again, I’d be a new customer at the new rate, but it would go up in a year (and likely at a higher rate, since any change would make me a Spectrum customer, not a grandfathered Time Warner customer).

Spectrum representatives told me their service is a “luxury.” But is it? Wi-Fi is the only option for landline phone service, and the internet allows me to keep in contact with out-of-state relatives. So what do you do? Pick and choose which “luxury” to give up?

Spectrum says they “understand (my) frustration,” but do they? They don’t seem to care about their customers or their concerns. If they did, they would figure out a fair way to offer affordable service while still making a profit.

Who regulates them, anyway?

Dorothy Spaulding