Isn’t it a grand irony that our governor, Paul LePage, who bashes the wind power projects for despoiling the beauty of Maine’s landscape, is promoting despoiling by Central Maine Power?

I may not be as sharp as the governor, but despoiling is despoiling. (Sort of like “a rose by any other name” is a rose.) So, is it just that one man’s sense of despoiling is less relevant than another man’s or woman’s?

How does CMP’s plan – a high-voltage transmission line system, which probably has a 50- to 100-foot width, running through the Maine wilderness to power homes in Massachusetts – present more “value” or perhaps less despoiling of one’s appreciation of Maine’s natural beauty than a cellphone tower or wind turbines?

Would this entail taking public and private land to accomplish this?

Just questions, Mr. LePage, just questions.

David Hyde


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