Oncology nurses are unique, first and foremost because of the field they choose to work in – or perhaps the field that has chosen them.

Caring for cancer patients is a special calling. Nurses who do it are special, indeed.

I am grateful to work with the nurses at our New England Cancer Specialists Kennebunk location. These nurses have chosen not only to work in the field of oncology, but also to work for a physician-owned practice, not a large organization.

At NECS, oncology is our sole specialty.  Everything centers around taking holistic care of the patient, and our nurses are highly qualified to care for cancer and hematology patients.

These nurses help move the patient from diagnosis through treatment to the best possible outcome.

For many patients, our nurses are the sweetness in a bitter medicine, and make it palatable. NECS nurses are also puzzle-solvers, fitting pieces together to help the patient feel whole again.

We celebrate with patients over good news; comfort them over sad news, and always have a smile of welcome for a patient entering our safe medical home.

In this age, too many healthcare organizations are depersonalized institutions, often with hefty price tags. I am proud to work for an independent company that invests in its nurses. NECS believes that in taking care of our nurses, we are also taking great care of our patients.

Thank you to all of the unique nurses who work at NECS, and a special thank-you to those at the Kennebunk clinic. I see the selfless work you do every day, going above and beyond for every patient.

And to every nurse in Maine, across all disciplines – thank you for being a nurse. You do something for someone that no one else can do. This National Nurses Week, I honor you.

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