In this day and age, we receive so many phone calls that are scams, whether it’s to try to bilk money or steal our Social Security. We must be careful, as there is always someone trying to fool us.

Which brings to mind, as I sit here and write, again, another check to the city of Portland for my stormwater discharge – perhaps somehow I wasn’t as careful as one could be and therefore I, too, have fallen victim to a big scam that I tried so hard to avoid.

I didn’t have to answer a phone call or inadvertently give my credit card info or Social Security number to anyone. I only needed to be a homeowner in Portland to fall victim here. Paying a quarterly fee for the rain that falls on my roof and runs off onto my property just seems so wrong in so many ways.

But this is just my opinion, which I still think is free and I’m entitled to. But then again, maybe the bill just hasn’t arrived yet.

Dennis W. Rockwell

Peaks Island