Adam Sanborn

A Buxton man was arrested on Mother’s Day and charged with threatening his mother with a handgun.

Buxton police were called to 768 Parker Farm Road around 7:55 p.m. Sunday in response to a report that a woman had fled the home after being threatened by 26-year-old Adam Sanborn. Sanborn was alone in the home and refused to speak with officers, police said.

Buxton police set up a perimeter around the house and shut down Parker Farm Road, also known as Route 112, with the help for three police officers from Gorham and three deputies from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

Sanborn eventually left the house on his own and started to walk toward a car parked in the driveway. A team of officers apprehended Sanborn before he got into the car, police said.

Police said Sanborn threw a loaded handgun under a car in the driveway while he was being arrested.

Sanborn was charged with domestic violence criminal threatening with a firearm and domestic violence assault. He is being held at York County Jail.

Sanborn’s mother, who was not named by police, was not harmed during the incident.

Parker Farm Road was closed for about two hours.

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