There are some good people running on the Democratic ticket for governor in the June 12 primary, but only Mark Eves has knowledge that we need in our next governor.

His eight years in the Maine House of Representatives, including four as speaker, give him the experience no other Democratic candidate has: working with Republican legislators, overcoming their differences to produce a bipartisan budget and producing results to benefit the people of all of Maine, such as the bond to build housing for low-income seniors. He has traveled the state talking to employers, workers, and community leaders about the need for a regional jobs plan that is tailored to the unique needs, assets and opportunities of each region of the state.

One of the first actions would be to release the bond that funds senior housing, which has been stalled by Gov. LePage. He would establish a Cabinet-level position to lead the effort between the Department of Education and the Department of Labor, to address workforce needs and increase jobs. He would implement a comprehensive policy on solar energy, create training programs in renewable energy and strengthen the Land for Maine’s Future program.

He takes a strong stand on social issues such as equality, health care, education and gun violence. Look at his website ( and read where he stands on the issues.

Mark has earned the respect of people across Maine for the work he has done in state government. He is a man of deep integrity, intelligence and compassion, and he is committed to representing all of the people of Maine. We need his leadership in the Blaine House.

Michelle Gregoire

Bill Karl


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