Prom dates
The Western Promenade was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. Civil engineer William Goodwin developed designs for the city’s proms in 1878. (
With 30-foot columns
The Georgian Revival West Mansion was built in 1911 at the cost of $100,000. (
West End pearls
Architect Frederick A. Tompson (1857-1919) designed not only the West Mansion but also the Henry Cox House and the Adam P. Leighton House, also on the Prom. (
22 and 29
Nations represented, and languages spoken, at Reiche Elementary School. (
More room at the inn
John Calvin Stevens was the designer when the present-day Danforth Inn (built 1823) expanded to accommodate guests.
Park life
The West End has five city parks: Clark Street; Harbor View; Tate-Tyng Playground / McIntyre Park; and the Western Prom. (
Flattened in 1964
The Bramhall Reservoir, between Brackett, Vaughan and Chadwick streets, held 8 million gallons of water. (
There’s a summer place
Victoria Mansion, on Danforth Street, was built 1858-1860, as a summer home. (
Since 1910
The imposing statue of Speaker of the House Thomas Brackett Reed (1839-1902) has stood on the Western Prom.
‘They could do worse …
… And they probably will.’ – Reed, asked whether he would receive the Republican party’s presidential nomination.
On the Market in and around Portland’s West End

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