In the Democratic primary for governor on June 12, I will be voting for Adam Cote.

I first met Adam as a young man 25 years ago. It was easy even then to discern in him the virtues that have marked his adult life. He has keen intelligence. He is a great listener. His approach to decision-making is collaborative and open-minded. But when it’s time for action, Adam Cote can lead with great energy and sharp focus.

In nominating a candidate for governor, Democrats should be asking themselves two questions: Who has the best chance of winning the general election? And who would be the most effective governor? Adam Cote is the answer to both questions. He will have a broader general election appeal than any of the other Democrats, drawing support from constituencies that have wandered away from the Democratic Party in recent years. And he will bring to the governor’s office fresh perspectives, impressive leadership skills and an unrelenting commitment to Maine and all of its people.

Finally, there is the most important reason of all to support Adam Cote: his steadfast integrity. We live at a time when lying to the people seems to have become the new normal, when distrust of government is at record levels, when leaders in Augusta find it easier to sue each other than to work together. Adam Cote believes Maine is better than that, that compassion, cooperation and boldness are a much better recipe for progress than discord, petty quarrels and lawsuits.

We have an opportunity in 2018 to achieve that fondest hope of democracy: that we shall be led by the best among us. I will vote for Adam Cote on June 12, confident that he fulfills that hope.

Cal Mackenzie


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