Could the increase of Islesboro’s ferry ticket prices be Gov. LePage’s “Bridgegate”?

Don’t be too quick to scoff at such a notion. Let’s not forget that former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and LePage are cut from the same cloth.

Remember how Islesboro was so influential in the fight to preserve its neighboring Sears Island, putting the kibosh on Gov. LePage’s plan for big development in Penobscot Bay? When the projected budget shortfall for the Maine State Ferry Service landed on the Maine Department of Transportation’s desk, I can just imagine him saying, “Let’s put it to those rich/smug islanders.” Too petty for this governor? I think not.

A few facts: This ticket proposal was never mentioned in any of the DOT’s public hearings. What was mentioned was the fact that the increase would be implemented in March. Instead, it was thrust upon us inconveniently on the last day of the legislative session in late April. Perhaps so that we wouldn’t have a voice in Augusta?

Just the other day, after tough talk from our attorneys about the DOT’s improper rulemaking procedures, Jim Billings, counsel for DOT, called North Haven to tell them there would be a delay in the fare increase. It got posted on their website, and this island was ecstatic over this development. But wait – a new letter was sent by Mr. Billings to us whining islanders, stating that the fare increase would take place on schedule.

All very shady to me. I smell fish! How about a loud SOS to Attorney General Janet Mills?

William Boardman


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