Lucky 13
Land/trail properties conserved by the Peaks Island Land Preserve. (
Built in 1888
The Fifth Maine Regiment hall is a Civil War memorial, a local history museum and a cultural center. ( The regiment’s last Civil War veteran died in 1938. (
Coney Island, baby
In the 1890s, the island had 16 hotels, three summer theaters, a dance hall and an amusement park. Newspapers called it ‘The Coney Island of Maine.” (
Serving since 1871
Today’s Casco Bay Lines ferry service was initially called the Peaks Island Steamboat Company. (
Acreage of Peaks ( Casco Bay’s most year-round-populous (941, island.
Founded in 1912
The Trefethen-Evergreen Improvement Association is a seasonal club for boating, tennis and socializing. (
Hollywood connection
Famed director and Portland native John Ford vacationed here from youth, ushered at the Gem Theater, and was a ferry deckhand. (
The war effort
“During World War II … there were 58 military structures on Peaks … from gun emplacements and watchtowers to range-finding bunkers, fire-control posts, barracks, and searchlight bases.” (
44 nations
Are represented in the World’s Only Umbrella Cover Museum, at 62-B Island Ave. (
On the Market in and around Peaks Island

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