I want to thank Gov. LePage for telling me that I and the 54 percent of Mainers who voted not to delay the implementation of ranked-choice voting had once again been “snookered by out-of-state big money and out-of-state people.” Once again, he showed true courage by threatening not to certify the results of Tuesday’s election. But wait … he doesn’t have the authority to certify any primary election.

I agree that Mainers have been snookered. Snookered by a governor first elected with 38.1 percent of the vote, a governor whose opposition to alternative energy, efforts to reduce or eliminate state taxes, efforts to block a minimum-wage increase and opposition to the Affordable Care Act, to name a few policies, are heavily influenced by the American Legislative Exchange Council – an out-of-state, big money (Koch brothers) think tank.

If we’d had ranked-choice voting in place in 2010, LePage would probably have not been elected at all. Maybe that’s why he described it as “the most horrific thing in the world.”

Walter Novey