The xenophobic behavior and misdirected ad hominem tweets of our president, Donald Trump, directed against our Canadian neighbors are completely unacceptable. His boorish admonishments do not represent the opinion of all Americans; they do not represent even that of the majority of the American populace. Our current administration has replaced truth with “alternative facts” that bear no resemblance to reality.

The reactions of the president’s lieutenants, Larry Kudlow and Peter Navarro, are even more bizarre although not completely unexpected, as few Cabinet members or high-ranking Republicans are willing to admit that the president “has no clothes.”

Since the arrival of President Trump on the political scene, civil discourse has essentially disappeared, replaced by acrimonious rudeness. Our international partners and allies are now subjected to counterproductive bullying while our traditional opponents are treated with admiration and respect.

In war and in peace, Canada has always been a gracious neighbor and a supportive ally. No, our northern neighbor did not burn the White House in 1812, as our president seems to believe. No, Canada did not take advantage of the U.S. through the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has, in fact, proven beneficial to each of the member countries. No, Canadians are not alone in trying to understand the irrational actions of our president.

Vive nos amis Canadiens!

George Lambert


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