It was gratifying to see Sen. Susan Collins, after sending a letter to her constituents in which she seemed to defend the Trump policy of separating immigrant families, condemn this human rights abuse on television.

When Donald Trump claims that a Democratic law requires these family separations, he lies. U.S. law allows for but does not require criminal prosecution of immigrants. The law does not require – anywhere – the separation of parents from children. Applicants for asylum – as these immigrants, who turn themselves in at the border, are – must, by law, be interviewed concerning their claim. The administration is ignoring this and choosing to prosecute instead.

When Jeff Sessions – on whose behalf Collins singularly advocated for his current position – quotes Romans 13:1 in defense of zero tolerance, he ignores Paul’s conclusion a few sentences later: “Love does no harm to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.”

If Sen. Collins does not push aggressively to end this heinous policy, she aligns herself with the country’s worst.

Every voter in Maine would need to consider whether she is ever worth your support again.

Michael Sutherland


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