The fatal accident on Interstate 295 between Freeport and Yarmouth on May 26, the start of Memorial Day weekend, has most probably already been forgotten by the general public. But it should not be.

From just past Exit 17, in Yarmouth, to just before Exit 20, in Freeport, there is an absence of any type of cable or steel guardrail along both the northbound and southbound passing lanes bordering the concave grass median. This goes for a bit over 2 miles.

I have read several reports in area newspapers about the fatal accident. None of them recognizes the glaring absence of any protective fence cable or guardrail, in the exact area where the vehicle crossed over the grass median from the southbound lanes to the northbound lanes, colliding with a vehicle from Connecticut – a distance of 2 miles of clear open median.

My question to authorities is: Why?

Before the Maine Turnpike is widened, how about installing guardrail or fence cables along that wide-open stretch of I-295 to at least reduce cross-over accidents and fatalities between Yarmouth and Freeport?

Dennis Marrotte