Re: “Second phase of Maine Med’s mega-expansion calls for garage with 2,450 spaces” (June 25):

Eliminating 13 parking spaces used by tenants, homeowners and businesses just isn’t nice or neighborly. Unless I’m mistaken, it has not been reported that Maine Medical Center’s St. John Street garage proposal eliminates parking spaces and adds a traffic signal at the D Street intersection with St. John Street.

I can appreciate Maine Med spokesman Matt Wickenheiser’s statement: “The goal is to consolidate parking into one spot, where employees can quickly and easily find a parking space, grab a shuttle and get to work.”

What about people who live and work directly across from this proposed private garage? What about landlords who have rentals and don’t have off-street parking? Many of these people work late into the evening or early morning. Can they not easily find a parking space and go to work or home safely and easily?

I’m a landlord and own a business directly across the street. Employees park on St. John Street, as do tenants and homeowners. Valley Street parking spots are usually always full, and D Street is limited to three spaces on one side and two to three on the other side, with limited one-hour parking. With a proposed sidewalk and a traffic signal at this intersection, parking may certainly become even more limited or possibly eliminated.

Jeff Sanders, chief operating officer of Maine Med, stated last year, “This new plan meets the needs of our employees and addresses our neighbors’ concerns.”

Taking away these parking spots does not mesh with this neighborhood as part of Portland’s “institutional overlay zone.” How will he meet Maine Med’s neighbors’ concerns by taking away much-needed street parking?

Beth Prosser