I did not write before, assuming you would be swamped with letters from people who found Donald Trump’s words to the military on July 4, thanking them for keeping America “safe, strong, proud, mighty and free,” as offensive as I did.

“Safe”: Well, perhaps, unless you are a person of color, a student in a high school or college, or a country music fan, as you run the risk of being murdered by a lunatic with a legal weapon as you go about your business. Or a legal immigrant serving in the military, now at risk of being kicked out for no reason other than not being born American.

“Strong”: Well, perhaps. I think we would be stronger still if we stopped turning our backs on the rest of the world (the Paris climate treaty leaps to mind).

“Proud”: Well, perhaps. Without his recent interaction with North Korea, we would now be at war with them, he said. He’s proud – showing no shame at shaking the hand of a cruel dictator, and saying he wished his people listened to him the way North Koreans listen to their morally corrupt leader.

“Mighty”: Well, perhaps. I can’t view the present position being taken on immigration as mighty.

“Free”: Well, perhaps. But how long will we stay free if we continue to abuse and insult our traditional allies and turn our backs on the needy?

This president’s cruel views and actions are leading America down a dark, treacherous and terrifying path.

Deborah F. Coward

South Portland