The term “manufacturing” is not always the first thing that comes to mind when most want to depict growth, innovation, or “the future.” But ON Semiconductor is looking to change that mindset. At the company’s site in South Portland, Maine operations are running around the clock, and the innovation being made tangible as soon as you step inside and take a “window tour” of the clean room. In fact this ON Semiconductor site, as well as other sites on the East Coast and across the country are in full growth mode.

Growth Mode. This is a term that ON Semiconductor employees know well. But what exactly does it mean to be in growth mode and why is this happening? Manufacturing manager, Steve Fesh, says that, “The acquisition of Fairchild by ON Semiconductor was exciting for all of us, because it brought forth the ability for unlimited growth with it. As ON Semiconductor continues to be a prominent force in the world of electronics and power solutions, the need to produce a wider range of products for our varying end markets is growing. With that, comes a need for more team members who enjoy having their hands in a range of exciting and innovative processes and roles.”

ON Semiconductor hires for a range of positions year round, from Process and Device Engineers to IT Specialists and Security Officers. However, in this growing time, the South Portland site has a higher need for two positions in particular: Manufacturing Clean Room Operators and Manufacturing Equipment Technicians. Trevor Grondin, human resources manager at the site since 2015 states that, “These two positions have been a part of this site’s process since the Fairchild days. They lay the ground work for everything else that goes on in the factory. Without Operators driving the semiconductor production and technicians providing maintenance to the machines used daily to complete this production, the other roles would struggle to physically drive their projects forward. These two positions are vital.”  To apply or view open positions please go to

Thus, not much has changed within the site’s operations since the advent of ON Semiconductor. ON Semiconductor is still dedicated, in the same way that Fairchild was, to providing a chance for all Mainers to find a unique opportunity which will feed into a fulfilling career path. But the endless growth makes these positions even more exciting, and even more rewarding. All that and more can be found behind the vine-covered walls of the South Portland “FAB” site.

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