“A man can have but one life, and one death, one heaven one hell.”  Robert Browning

The awesome beauty and rich autumn color of fall is starting. For most people this is their favorite time of year.

Humidity is what we had on those steamy summer days, sleepless nights and perspiring bodies. Humidity affects our comfort whether we are indoors or out of door.  We become aware of the water vapor and stickiness causing fly away hair or tight curls. The effect of humidity on humans is almost all bad.

High humidity may help to cause migraines, ulcers, clotting, and rheumatoid arthritis. Many of us mention irritability, exhaustion, cramps and confusion. Sticky weather also affects a person’s appearance. Excessive humidity can be destructive to metals. Bacteria sprouts in high humidity causing mildew and mold.

The drawers in my bureaus swelled and stuck! High humidity also influences respiration and perspiration in animals. In extreme conditions, when the body loses large amounts of fluid through perspiration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke may occur. Symptoms include profuse sweating, weakness, nausea, muscle cramps, headache, faintness and feverishness.

Little wonder we are obsessed with the weather. In the delightful, humorous and informative look at weather, climatologist and best-selling author, David Phillips, Michael Parfit, and Suzanne Chisholm answer many of our most common questions about weather phenomena. Blame It on the Weather describes fascinating moments in weather history and delves into weather folklore and trivia from across North America.

We have a good gift in our country. Service men and women fought for independence. Many have immigrated here from other countries to enjoy our freedom and goodness. We love our homeland   and strive to make it better. We must take it seriously and be faithful to supporting and supplying the soldiers we send out.

We can become discouraged as we view the difficulties in our world. There are many deceptive detours and confusing paths out there. Something to think about as soon we will be voting. We must concentrate on the things that are most important-family, career and God. Children should be carefree. We should teach them and help their lives unfold.

We celebrate a leader in our midst who dedicated his life to national ideals: loved freedom, was courageous, opinionated and never lost energy making this country better. He believed every human being should be treated equal. He had special affection for service men and women.

He said, “America is better than this. We are better than this.”  He was unequal.  He had the spirit of democracy. He insisted “Country needs to work together. America can do better. America is a great country.” Goodbye to Senator John McCain.

As we begin the new month the wind will swirl and the waves will pound our shoreline as always. It seems we are living one long calendar of seasons. We are changing. Life is like a flowing river. There are phases of growth in those we love. We watch and try to learn the ways of letting go. (Letting  go is the hardest thing in the world for me!) Later on we find the relationships we “free” are the ones that return to us most fully.

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