FREEPORT — Two conceptual plans for Route 1 commercial development have been submitted to the town since the subdivision of 38 acres of land was approved last month.

The site, which is now vacant, sits at an unassigned address adjacent to Pillars Antiques and across from Napa Auto Parts.

The Project Review Board on Aug. 15 signed off on a plan by CF Cousins River LLC to subdivide the parcel along the Route 1 corridor. Approximately 20 acres would be used for the development.

That, Town Planner Donna Larson said, was simply an approval of dividing the land into lots. Developers of individual projects still had to come before the board for conceptual, preliminary and final site plan approvals.

Less than a month later, Atlantic Resource Consultants LLC, on behalf of Cousins River, on Aug. 29 submitted sketch plan applications for conceptual approval for development by Casco Bay Ford and HopeWell Health Services.

Casco Bay Ford wants to to build a new truck sales and service center on one of the nine lots. The proposed building footprint on the 5.4-acre parcel is 7,200 square feet.

According to the plans, the building would be served by a private roadway and would be classified as “truck facilities.” which is listed under town zoning as a permitted use in the commercial zone.

HopeWell Health Services “seeks to provide a range of health care services that span the spectrum of traditional Eastern and Western means of medical treatment,” according to the application.

The proposed building is about 8,500 square feet on an approximately 5-acre parcel and would also be accessible by a private drive.

This development would be classified as a “business or professional office,” which is also permitted in the town’s commercial zone.

The Project Review Board was scheduled to take up discussion of the two proposals at its Sept. 19 meeting, but both proposals were tabled. Larson said there were a few details still needed by the Planning Department before both applications would come before the board for review.

The vacant land abuts a parcel owned by the Freeport Forestry Foundation, which has a trail system and easement held by the Freeport Conservation Trust. According to CF Cousins River’s subdivision application, it would offer a 20-foot wide trail easement to either the trust or the town. The developer, however, will not build the trail.

Based on feedback from abutters during preliminary review of the project in June, the location of the trail has been shifted north so it will be farther from neighboring properties.

CF Cousins River also has met with neighbors about establishing a buffer between its land and abutters. The intent is to plant this fall, in addition to a 50-foot no-cut buffer along the rear and east property lines on the lot that is closest to residential properties.

A new private road to provide access to the nine lots and sidewalk along the front of the property, within the right of way, will be constructed.

According to the application, it is anticipated that construction of the subdivision road and infrastructure could begin this fall.

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Two applications have been submitted to the town for lot development on this recently subdivided 38-acre parcel on Route 1 – one from Casco Bay Ford, the other from HopeWell Health Services.