A comedian and actor says he was only joking about a boycott when he tweeted Friday that he would never visit Maine while Sen. Susan Collins was in office because of her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court justice.

“This would be a good time to say I never called for a boycott of Maine,” John Fugelsang said in a tweet Tuesday. “I did make a joke about it, but if I didn’t boycott Maine over the racist Governor I’m not going to boycott over a Senator who believes Dr. Ford was assaulted but knows better than Dr. Ford who did it.”

Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor, accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her during a drunken party when both were teenagers.

Fugelsang, who has 413,000 Twitter followers and hosts a talk show on SiriusXM satellite radio, deleted his initial tweet after the Portland Press Herald published a story about it and the comments it generated supporting a boycott. The tweet read: “Dear Susan Collins – I really struggled with this but my tourist $ just voted against ever visiting Maine while you remain in office.”

The tweet was liked 22,000 times and retweeted another 5,000. Hundreds who commented said they would support a boycott, including one person who canceled a $2,200 reservation at Point Sebago resort and a Texas chef with multiple restaurants who vowed to boycott all Maine seafood. Others discussed shifting their travel plans to New Hampshire or Vermont.

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