SACO — Democratic Rep. Donna Bailey is facing competition from Republican Stephen DuPuis and independent Frederick Samp for the House District 14 seat, covering part of Saco.

Bailey, 57, is an attorney and former York County Probate Court judge and is serving her first term as a state representative.

She said the state needs to implement the MaineCare expansion passed overwhelmingly by voters in 2017.

Bailey said the state needs to give people the option of affordable health insurance through the federal government, allowing them to purchase Medicare coverage on a sliding scale based on income. She also said the state needs to push for more transparency in prescription drugs and their increasing costs, and allow people the option to purchase drugs from other countries such as Canada.

Bailey also said the state needs to invest in renewable fuel and energy alternatives and improve access to high speed internet service.

DuPuis, 62, is a retired software engineer and has served on the Saco Planning Board.

DuPuis said one way the state can deal with rising health care costs is to allow Mainers to purchase health care insurance across state lines. He said the state also needs to remove the gag order that prevents pharmacies from informing customers about cheaper prices available to consumers.

DuPuis said Maine needs to reduce its income tax rate to attract businesses and stimulate existing businesses to grow.

DuPuis said the state of Maine could sell bonds and use the money to fund in-state student loans that would be offered at a reduced rate for students who work in Maine after graduating college. He said the state could also allow businesses to deduct a portion of student loan payments made on behalf of employees that are participating in a state student loan program.

Samp, 67, is a retired attorney and served on the MSAD 22 School Board of Directors, covering the municipalities of Hampden, Winterport and Newburgh.

Samp said the most effective step Maine can take to address rising health care costs would be to implement Medicaid expansion.

Samp said he generally agrees with a report by the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and other groups about the need to grow the workforce, improve high-speed broadband access and contain health care costs, among other things.

Samp said the Legislature has been failing its citizens because the two parties have staked out extreme positions and demonized each other, and he wants other independent-minded lawmakers to break through the polarization.

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