I am pleased to support Michael Foley in his bid to return to the Westbrook City Council as an At Large councilor.

As a former mayor and School Committee chair, I worked with Mike in both capacities. I always found tireless dedication to Westbrook in everything he does. Mike has also remained active in the community in a number of service organizations with his commitment to Westbrook. He is a true public servant and a man of integrity. I could always count on him as someone to respectfully question the status quo and over the years we disagreed on many issues. He would always be honest with me when he thought an issue or direction needed more debate. I always appreciated the passion that Mike had for the community of Westbrook and his desires were always to move our city forward in a positive direction.

I feel it is important for Westbrook to have leaders with experience like Mike, who can get right to work on the issues facing our community. Mike was an outstanding councilor who always sought out answers to important questions and researched issues so that he could make the best possible decisions for our community. Our city needs his voice on the City Council and you can count on him to lead us into the future.

I encourage all Westbrook voters to join me in supporting Michael Foley for Westbrook City Councilor At-Large whether you vote early or on Nov. 6.

Colleen Hilton
Former Westbrook mayor
Former School Committee chairman