Let’s take a break from politics to consider a grave danger that should unite all of us. Our climate is changing. Extreme weather and other problems like rising seas threaten future generations and our fragile planet.

This change is mostly due to air pollution – extra carbon pumped into our atmosphere by the fossil fuel industry that burns coal, oil and gas.

Canada has recently decided to charge a fee for carbon pollution, telling fossil fuel industries, “You can no longer pollute our air for free.” Washington state is poised to follow suit. Even Exxon and some other oil companies have indicated support.

The money collected from carbon fees would be distributed to all households on a monthly basis as a so-called dividend. Households could use this dividend to pay for any increase in the cost of fossil fuels, and use the balance as they choose.

If the U.S. becomes a leader in the implementation of a carbon fee and dividend, other countries would certainly follow. The world would start to reverse the current planet warming.

We will do anything to protect our children and grandchildren, whenever they are in danger. Their home, our planet, is in danger. We have a tool to reduce the danger: a carbon fee and dividend. Please write or phone your state and national legislators today and urge them to support a carbon fee and dividend policy. May we have the courage to act before it is too late.

Lois Howlett