“What do you want for your birthday?” As I reached my Spirit of ’76 Birthday Nov. 16, I was thankful for many blessings, including family, friends and reasonably good health. However, I would like to present some random political wishes, with others still to come.

n A new policy requiring Universal Service (US) by all Americans, men and women, between the ages of 18 and 25. Service could range from the military to programs like expanded AmeriCorps and Teach for America. And, it would lead to U.S. Armed Forces that are more representative of American society. We also need to explore ways and means to pay teachers more and address issues facing aging Americans with affordable assisted-living housing. We also need to create better immigration policies to properly welcome more new Americans.

n The U.S. should require all lobbyists, including PACs, to identify their income sources and publicly disclose their support for candidates and issues. Also, restrict lobbying funds on state issues to funds sourced within each state. Require full disclosure of all income through the IRS as a requirement of running for and holding any elected or appointed public office. And, adopt ranked-choice voting to insure winning candidates have at least 50 percent of the vote.

n To improve health care for all, Congress should use the same health care programs and pension plans for themselves as all other U.S. government employees. Nationally, we should require public utility commissions to restrict robocalls by telemarketers. We can also reduce the national debt by insisting governments match cost efficiencies dollar for dollar with increased taxation.

n We should switch Election Day from November’s first Tuesday to the first Sunday in November or make the existing Tuesday a national holiday so all citizens can vote.

Chris J. Hoppin

Peaks Island

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