The Scarborough and Saco communities are partnering with the Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation System to make Route 1 safer and more accessible for all modes of transportation, including motor vehicles, public transit, bicycles and pedestrians.
Scarborough Planning Director Jay Chace and Saco Public Works Director Patrick Fox said in a written statement that the two communities and PACTS will conduct a study that will result in a comprehensive plan for Route 1 that unifies the road character in both communities, and that the plan will be implemented over time as funding is available. PACTS is contributing to the financing of the study.
Route 1 in Saco is under significant development pressure, said Fox.
“The resulting increase in vehicle traffic on Route 1 will make safety a key priority there,” he said. “Carefully planning driveways and managing traffic flow as this area develops will help to alleviate some of the existing traffic concerns.”
The communities are planning a series of public meetings to hear ideas and concerns, with the first taking place at 6 p.m. Dec. 5 at Saco City Hall and the second scheduled for 6 p.m. Dec. 14 at Scarborough Town Hall.
Overall, the study will lay the groundwork for the development and implementation of a regionally consistent approach for Complete Street best practices in both communities.
The focus will be on improving pedestrian facilities, including signal design, crosswalk locations, crossing distances, pedestrian refuges and related safety, comfort and convenience measures.
A plan for bicycle facility improvements will also be developed, looking at signs, lane markings, bike racks and other features.
The study will provide recommendations for improving timing on traffic signals to reduce energy consumption for motorists and to encourage walking, bicycling, and public transit use.
Access management, which involves the planning of the location and spacing of driveways, street connections, median openings and traffic signals, will be used to reduce vehicle crashes and conflicts between vehicles and other travelers.
More detailed information on what the study will include is available at or
For those unable to attend meetings or who would prefer to offer comments online, a link to a community survey will be available in early December.


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