Brunswick police are threatening to crack down on motorists who pass a stopped school bus that has activated its warning lights.

The warning comes after police were made aware that vehicles traveling in the opposite direction on Pleasant Street, a four-lane road, had failed to stop for a school bus. Lined with businesses, restaurants and gas stations, Pleasant Street connects downtown Brunswick with Route 1 as well as Interstate 295.

“It is imperative that everyone knows that when a school bus is stopped, with lights activated, all other drivers must stop,” Brunswick police said in news release posted on the department’s Facebook page Tuesday. “In an effort to improve the safety of our children, we will be increasing our presence on Pleasant Street and issuing citations to those violating the law.”

Vehicles traveling in both directions must stop for a school bus. The only exception is on multiple-lane roads where a physical barrier separates the opposing travel lanes. In that case, a motor vehicle traveling in the opposite direction from a stopped bus is allowed to proceed with caution.

Passing a stopped school bus is a Class E misdemeanor, which carries a first-time penalty of $250, Brunswick police said.

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