It is good news that the renewable energy that Hydro-Quebec proposes to send to Massachusetts through Maine is additional clean energy from excess capacity (“Utility: Line will deliver clean form of energy,” Dec. 7, Page A1).

This project will help Massachusetts reduce its consumption of fossil fuels. A reduction in carbon pollution caused by fossil fuels anywhere benefits all of us. I trust this development will lay to rest claims by groups like the Natural Resources Council of Maine that this project will do nothing to address climate change.

Some opponents of this project also argue that New Hampshire rejected a similar proposal from Hydro-Quebec earlier this year. However, since then, multiple scientific reports have concluded that carbon air pollution is increasing faster than previously thought. Reducing consumption of fossil fuels must have the highest priority.

I urge the Natural Resources Council of Maine to devote its time and energy to supporting renewable energy projects including solar, land-based wind and hydroelectric power. That will help Maine help reduce carbon pollution and achieve its clean-energy goals. We can do it. We just need the will to do it.

Al Howlett


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