In all the talk about how to end the latest government shutdown, it seems one easy solution has been overlooked. Donald Trump can pay for the wall! He rarely misses the chance to remind us all how rich he is and that he is the one who understands border security better than anyone else, so let him take the chance on this dubious project.

In the history of the United States, we have had many very wealthy people contribute to state and national parks, museums, schools, universities and other things that make life better for our citizens – why not a border wall? For those who are opposed to the wall for a variety of reasons, no need to worry: Evidence suggests that Donald Trump is not very generous with his money, so there probably wouldn’t be much of a wall built.

At least this way he could start it with his own money and then claim credit for the grand success, and we all could move on to the next crisis.

Jason Wentworth


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