Fox News host Bret Baier and his family survived a motor vehicle crash in Montana after the television anchor’s sport-utility vehicle slid on an icy road, collided with a pickup truck and turned over in a ditch, authorities said Tuesday.

The Fox News anchor was involved in a traffic accident in Montana.

Baier, executive editor of Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” said in a statement that after a weekend of skiing he was driving to the airport on icy roads outside Bozeman with his wife and their two sons on Monday morning when they were “involved in a major car crash” in Bozeman.

Baier, 48, said a passing motorist named Zach stopped, and the family was able to climb out of the flipped vehicle. He said first responders got them to a hospital quickly, from which he says they left “banged up but alive.”

The roadway was incredibly icy, said John Barnes, a spokesman for the Montana Department of Justice. Baier was unable to stop at an intersection, and his vehicle was struck on the driver’s side by another vehicle, Barnes said.

A photo provided by the Montana Highway Patrol showed Baier’s vehicle on its side in a snowy ditch.

Baier was back on the air Tuesday night, Fox said. He tweeted Tuesday that his family is “back home and on the mend,” and he called the first responders who helped “true pros.”

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