The behavior of the Democratic Party leadership is immoral and nakedly self-serving. Their refusal to fund border security, favored and voted for by a majority of Americans, is disgusting.

From the moment that President Trump made the tactical error of saying that he would take responsibility for a shutdown, while attempting with multiple reasonable proposals to improve border security and orderly immigration, the Democratic leadership has been gloating and hoping that the maximum number of Americans are hurt by a shutdown. Their single reason is that this might make the president look bad.

This sacrifice of innocent government employees and those who are encouraged to attempt illegal entry is truly immoral, not protecting the border. For a little more than the cost of sugar subsidies, it could have all been avoided.

If you believe that Democratic leaders are willing to hurt you because they want to help you, you are in an abusive relationship. Wake up. They would stop car seat improvement if the president proposed it, claiming some nonsense. Your baby’s life might win votes.

Car seats save lives, and so do walls. Walls, even sections, are incredibly effective, as is orderly immigration.

George Lawson


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