WINDHAM — The RSU 14 Board of Directors has adopted new reporting procedures for allegations of harassment and discrimination to ensure that allegations are properly investigated and that the district is in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

The old procedures were from 2008-2009, said Chris Howell, assistant superintendent of the Windham-Raymond school district. In the intervening years, there have been changes to both state and federal laws.

This update ensures that “we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing” when reports of bullying, discrimination or harassment are reported, he said.

“Really this is to make sure that if someone does report something that we are following everything that we need to do by law and everything we would want to do so that staff and students feel safe and secure in the RSU14 environment,” he said.

One change is that the new procedures emphasize centralized reporting more so than the old ones, Howell said. As the affirmative action officer, he will be “following through to make sure every single one of these instances is in fact followed up on.”

He said there has been no increase in allegations in RSU14. Rather, “we’ve gotten better as a district, and I also think that communities have become more aware of what some of the signs are of bullying and harassment, and we’re all learning how to address it.”

The complete procedures can be found under school board policies on the RSU14 website ( by selecting ACAA and ACAA-R (for students) and ACAB and ACAB-R (for employees).

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