I’ve been thinking for months that I must’ve missed what would seem to be the most obvious inducement to us rank-and-file Central Maine Power electric ratepayers, but after reading your Feb. 7 story “Parties sweeten the deal for CMP line” (Page A1), it’s still missing.

This omission is especially puzzling given the overcharging fiasco also addressed (albeit indirectly) in another front-page Feb. 7 story, “State regulators threaten to fine CMP over issues.” What I’m talking about here is the generation rates buried in our bills, which have increased something like 20 percent over the last few years.

Given the opportunity to include a direct-current line from Hydro-Quebec that would reduce the rates we pay every month, wouldn’t you think CMP could add another transmission line – one for Mainers – to this proposed project?

Am I missing something obvious? If any “sweet” could serve to convince us abused customers of CMP, that would seem to be the real potential issue that could inspire public support and calls for the state to give approval for this controversial project!

Scott Gile

Orrs Island