Lisa Fontanella (left) goes over a chakra and aura scan with Maili Lafayette during Saturday’s Psychic and Crystal Fair. (Hannah LaClaire / The Times Record)

FREEPORT — The air inside Leapin’ Lizards seemed to glow on Saturday, fed by the energy of dozens of visitors excited to have their cards read or connect with lost loved ones and from the countless crystals and gemstones that glittered on display.

The semiannual Psychic and Crystals Fair at Leapin’ Lizards has been well attended for more than a decade, according to owner Melissa Ellsworth, and is a chance for not only some excitement, but also guidance and healing. There were readers and intuitives offering appointments for services including tarot card reading, aura photography and chakra reading, psychics doing readings or who connected with angels, mediums who connect to lost loved ones and more.

“Tears have been shed today … there’s a lot of processing and healing,” Ellsworth said, adding, “but we always have tissues.”

Gabriel Godwyne, a Vermont-based crystal merchant and psychic, sells his crystals all over the region, but does not charge or take appointments for his readings, which happen off the cuff, he said.

As Maili Lafayette browsed through his collection while she waited for her aura photography session, he told her she would be very successful, but that he sensed a fear in her.

“There’s an infinite amount of time to do everything you want to do,” he said, but it’s better to do it now.


Godwyne always knew he was different from other people and could see things others could not, but it was not until he attended a mineral show and “all the stones were talking to (him)” that he felt called to crystal selling. There’s power in his work, and stones are “the best teachers,” he said.

“Stones were the first form of life on this planet … They’re the library of the universe, there’s no ego to them,” he said. “I’ve never met a stone whose energy I didn’t like.”

This being said, Godwyne does not believe in trying to force his beliefs on anyone else. Either they believe, or they do not, but whatever they choose, he hopes they do it more with their hearts than their heads.

Some crystals and stones sold by Gabriel Godwyne at Saturday’s fair at Leapin’ Lizards. Godwyne believes stones are the “library of the universe.” (Hannah LaClaire / The Times Record)

“It’s important to have faith and patience,” he added.

Lafayette, just one of many waiting for appointments throughout the day, had her chakras and aura scanned with Lisa Fontanella, an intuitive, a Reiki master and a life coach. They worked on some of the areas she needed to “open,” like the throat chakra, considered to be the “seat” of emotion. It can be opened in many ways, but Fontanella suggested writing out letters to express emotions and then burning the letters to get the energy and emotion out. Fontanella said her work is a blend of science, like the palm scan that reads the chakras, and energy, like the reading she does after.

She and the other psychics or readers at the event all worked on toward what Ellsworth said was a common goal.

“The world is a hard place and sometimes people need answers,” she said.

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