Thanks to Pingree for supporting carbon dividend 

I am so thankful for Chellie Pingree’s support of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.  It takes courage to stand up for a good environment and fighting climate change.  Pingree has shown this in choosing to support EICDA.  This act is the best first step to changing the direction of our government.  It is definite and it is clear. We will put a fee on carbon and return that money to every American household thereby allowing people to make more informed choices once they face higher prices that reflect the damage done by fossil fuels. This is a market driven bill.

Many major economists have supported carbon fee and dividend as well as the Washington Post.

It is absolutely necessary for the health of the planet that we move away from a carbon-based economy and this bill will set us on the right road.  If we are concerned about the health of our children, grandchildren, and even ourselves, we need to act now.

Many thanks to Representative Pingree, and we are hoping that Representative Golden as well as Senators King and Collins will not be far behind.

Jill Standish, 



Paulhus right candidate for state rep 

For the past four years it has been my privilege and pleasure to sit next to Sean Paulhus on the Bath City Council. He was welcoming from the beginning. I have seen firsthand how conscientious Sean is carrying out his responsibilities. He is attentive on every issue, listening carefully to and assisting councilors and constituents. He has shown Council leadership as Vice Chair.

Now he has been nominated to fill the position as state Representative for the city of Bath.

Sean is the one to fill this vacancy. With his experience in state government as former Senate Sergeant at Arms and Assistant to the State Auditor, Sean is the candidate ready to begin work immediately with the needed knowledge, connections, and skill.

Sean has grown up in Bath. He and his wife have children in the Bath school system. He loves this city – so much so that he even designed the city flag which flies over City Hall.


He is a consistent hard worker and an all-around honorable man.

I give my full endorsement and ask my fellow Bath citizens to vote for Sean Paulhus on April 2.
Terry Nordmann, 


Break the cycle of homelessness
No matter what the outcome of the zoning for temporary homeless shelters in Brunswick, this subject has raised great passion and should not be rushed. It should take as long as needed for the entire town to come together with a compromise or consensus.
Our town council is tasked with considering the fiscal implications of all issues before the town. We shouldn’t berate or rush the council members who want to have these hard conversations. They have the job of spending our tax dollars. I am glad they consider how it might impact the town budget.
Grandfather the existing adult shelter, continue to help adults in Brunswick with the amazing resources we have. Let’s keep looking for new and alternative ideas to aid them in their journey.
The number of families Tedford turned away last year is staggering. The fact that our town has so many homeless families and couch-surfing teens is shameful. The proposed planning will not accommodate all the families seeking help, even in the near future. I encourage the people of Brunswick and the town council to focus the new shelter zoning on the future. That future belongs to the children who need, right now, stable housing, good food and medical care so they are able to learn at school and grow into self-reliant members of the community. Children need a stable home and a healthy body to learn. We must break the cycle, or we will continue to struggle, ever trying to catch up to the need of at-risk and homeless people.
Judi Jones,