Brim Peabody helped Cheverus’ boys’ swim team win another Class A state title last month and was named a team MVP for his effort.

After a triumphant season which produced three state champion teams, Cheverus recently honored its top winter athletes.

Here’s a list of the winners:

The state champion girls’ hockey team gave its Most Improved Award to Briley Bell. Hannah Woodford won the Coach’s Award. Sophia Pompeo received the Stag Award. Abby LaMontagne and Zoe Mazur shared the Most Valuable Player award.

Swimming’s MVP went to Caroline Arpin of the girls’ team and Quinton Hastings and Brim Peabody from the seven-time state champion boys’ squad. Miryam Keller and Jack Martin were named Most Improved. Delilah Hasting and Owen Gallow-Wagoner were named Rookies of the Year. The Coach’s Awards went to Haley Caron, Alex Drago and Grace Shimansky. Zoe Baker and Landon Roma won the Stag Award.

Indoor track’s MVP went to Sean Tompkins of the boys’ team and Victoria Bossong, Emma Gallant and Emma White of the two-time champion girls’ squad. Andrew Griffiths and Frank Moran were named Rookies of the Year. Evelyn Hanley and Giovanni Fornaro won Coach’s Awards. The Stag Award went Nolan Doherty and Mary-Kate Earley.

Boys’ hockey named Jackson Wilson MVP. Bryson Pomerleau was Most Improved. Kevin Connolly won the Rookie of the Year award. Callaghan Oliver took home the Coach’s Award. Nick Giancotti was the winner of the Stag Award.

The girls’ basketball team’s MVP was Lauren Jordan. Meg Kelly won the Stag Award. Caitlin Kennedy-Jensen took home the Coach’s Award. Lillie Singleton was named Rookie of the Year. Ella Davie was named Most Improved.

The boys’ basketball team’s MVP was Matt Duchaine. Richard Joyce took home the Stag Award. Tom Higgins won the Coach’s Award. Nolan Sanborn was named Rookie of the Year. Akera Oryem was named Most Improved.

Alpine skiing’s MVP was Annesley Black. Julia Harnum won the Most Improved award. Julian LaMontagne won the Rookie of the Year honors. Jack Williams took home the Coach’s Award. Jennifer Christensen won the Stag Award.

Wrestling’s MVP was Sean Sullivan. Nate Nadeau was named Most Improved. Marshall Fowler won Rookie of the Year. Seabastian Merrill won the Coach’s Award. Ryan Breece took home the Stag Award.

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