It is unfortunate that radio stations WVOM and WGAN continue to air interviews with former Gov. Paul LePage, who, judging from his track record of ballistic statements, has racist and bigoted opinions.

I get that he drives ratings and (national) news coverage. Of course they could do the same thing by having David Duke as a regular commentator. Unfortunately, LePage’s bile tars the entire state and, to the national public eye, makes Maine appear like a North Woods version of Jim Crow Alabama. It also validates the inclinations of an already radicalized right wing here in Maine.

As a radio programmer for over 30 years, I am well aware that what is said on the air sets the tone and public opinion on what a station’s policy is about.

Paul LePage is no longer either governor or a full-time resident of the state of Maine. There are plenty of people who have moved from Maine to Florida part- or full-time to avoid paying taxes and have the political opinions of the guy on the next barstool. Why not interview them – unless the stations truly do endorse LePage’s worldview?

There is another avenue to encourage lively discussion of opinion on talk radio – instead of giving LePage an exclusive soapbox for his polemics and fulminations, why not host a weekly debate between the ex-governor and someone from the left of Genghis Khan? It would make for better and more engaging radio. It would also insulate the stations from the appearance that they are merely assisting LePage in avoiding irrelevance and in his quest for employment with Fox or the Trump administration.

Greg Rossel


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